Confusion Is In the Wind That Blows

What am I feeling that makes me so distressed

I do not understand these emotions streaming through my blood

I see this face that is veiled, just beyond my grasp

Why is it that I fell for him, the answer is never there

I cry myself to sleep at night, wishing he was here

He teases me with words of love that shreds my heart with every syllable

His voice makes my heart race, that deep sound that brings pleasure to my life

He does not love me but loves to play with me, stringing me a long with every promise he offers

I cannot see beyond the lies nor choose to see the truth

I am content to live this lie, no matter what the cost

Why is it that I torture myself, does it make me feel love

That one emotion that I long to feel somehow hides from me

I wish I knew the reason why I will never experience this feeling

Was I bad in some way that I am tortured throughout my life

Never to touch the heart of another, to look inside his soul

I long to become one with another being like myself, I desire to feel the wind of intensity

No explanation I can offer will ever satisfy the hole in my soul, the emptiness in my heart

Will I ever be offered a true sacrifice of love, will I ever find the lover of my life

Will my prince charming ever sweep me off my feet, or is that fairy tale just a story to break the souls of innocent girls

Is the truth another fairy tale brought on by hopeless men who spend all their lives searching for a reason to go on

Or am I insane to believe that love is real and is true to those who believe in it

Am I just a silly girl in love with a fantasy or a person desperate enough to believe a lie told by old people and poets

I have no answers to the questions that lie in my head only hopes and dreams that all too soon fade away

I try to live my life with hopes and desires that tear my heart apart

I just can’t pull this off anymore, all the disappointment that I have experience has scarred my soul forever

I wish I could turn back the clock, but what good would that do

You can’t fight against what is meant to be, it is supposed to make us better people

But the outcome of those events leave a lot to be desired

I do not understand this life I am meant to live, do you know, can you help

Or are you as lost and confused as I am in this world of hate and jealousy

Note: This is my own personal and original poetry.


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