What does that word mean?
Does it mean a kind human being?
Does it bring warm thoughts to your mind?
A person who likes you for yourself with no strings attached?
Are they genuinely concerned about you?
Is their love true and pure?
Do they help you because they see that you need help?
Are they kind, compassionate people?
Are they true to your friendship?
Do they keep your secrets?
Can they be trusted?
Can you tell them your most intimate feelings and thoughts too?
Is it possible to find them ready to hear when you have to say something to them?
Are they self-sacrificing?
Do they help you at any cost to themselves?


Does the word friend bring bad memories to mind?
Is a friend one who gets something from your friendship?
What can they possibly get from you friendship?
Help with work, favors, the list can go on and on, I am sure
Do they abuse your friendship?
Is there never enough time for you to talk to them?
Is it never the “right time” to get help from them?
Do they really care about you?
Is there genuine love and care in their hearts for you?
Can you tell them anything and everything without them getting bored with the conversation?
Do they help you out with no cost to themselves?
Do they only help people when they “have to”?
Do they complain about having to go out of their way to help people?

If you find a good friend who fits the first part of this poem, then do all the you can to keep that friendship alive
Good friends are hard to find
You can find friends almost anywhere
But good friends can be very hard to find
They are a valuable treasure
Ones who should be treated with care and love
These friends will be with you through thick and thin
They will “watch your back” and stick up for you to anyone and everyone
They are precious people who deserve our love and loyalty

If however you have a friend that fits the last part of my poem, you should definitely rethink their friendship
Make sure that their friendship is true
If it is not, then maybe you should find a new friend
One who would be true to you
One who would care for you for the person you are rather than what he or she can get from you
One who is not concerned about their personal gain but rather about you because you are their friend
Friends are very important to us
They can tell a lot about us
They tell people what we are like
What we think and how we act
Amazing, isn’t it?
That is why we should be very careful about who we make friends with
Normally I would disagree with this way of thinking
But as I get older I see the truth in that statement
I can see the wisdom of this logic
Do you?


Note: This is my own personal and original poetry.


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