The Crossroad

Here I stand

At the crossroad of my life

wondering which road to take

do I take the familiar path?

the one I know too well

or do I take the other?

which I have yet to explore

my life has just begun

why do I so long for the end?

I’m so lost, confused and scared

and I wonder does anyone really care about me?

when I don’t care about me

how and why would anyone else?

Here I stand at the crossroad

where I’ll go I don’t know

do I go down the “right” path

ir to the “wrong” path

or the one that has been there all along

The one I was never brave enough to take

The only thing I pray is I take the one best for me and not best for the sake of others

Even when I am around the ones I love and adore

I can’t help but feel like a child alone in the world alone shivering in the cold

Sometimes I wish there were someone who I could relate to the way I am feeling

I’m so scared..

of me..

of him..

of us…

here I stand cold and alone

my heart’s aching

feels like it’s been ripped from my body

and I but a shell of my former self

and what if I ended my life?

what would happen?


The world would go on turning and they will continue thier lives like I was never here

I am nothing

they are everything

Everyone I love or have ever loved is the only reason I am here

Without them there is no reason for living

how much longer I’ll be here..

only time will tell

Note: This is my personal and original poetry.


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