Irony of Life

I believe that life enjoys the irony that it throws at us
I think it watches and smiles at what enfolds each and every day
For good or for bad, we can’t usually control what happens
People that we thought we knew suddenly decide to change their mind about “us”
Another couple falls in love who hated each other for years growing up
Still another person finds that for every good event in their life there is also bad
The wheels of time never stop, slow, or creep by
The continue to turn and turn
Creaking along as hearts break and others bloom

Our hearts and life beat at different times
Usually in complete opposite of each other
The beat sounds like a dark laugh patiently waiting to claim another victim
Sometimes it gets impatient and decides to strike early wreaking unnecessary havoc

It always takes your breath away even if you are expecting it to pay you a visit
You always believe or hope that it is not as cruel as everyone says
You close your eyes and pray under your breath that it would go away
That it would leave without leaving a scar
Without tearing your heart to shreds and ripping a hold into your soul

You can try to fight it
You can try to hide from it
You can try to barricade yourself in a “life-proof” situation
You can try to pray
You can try to scream

No matter what you do, you can’t win
All you can do is watch
All you can do is stand with your arms extended looking out asking why

The knee jerk reaction is to blame yourself
Please don’t do that
There is nothing you can do against the cruelty of life
You aren’t equipped to handle this
Nothing can prepare you for what happens unexpectedly

You are given no warning
Even if you were given warning, there is nothing you can do to stop it
So it kind of makes it easier then dreading the evil event

No one can protect you
No one can warn you for you would not believe them necessarily
No one can take your place no matter how much they may wish to
If this is any comfort to you
You are not alone
Your friends are with you
They see the emptiness and pain in your eyes
They would trade places with you in a heartbeat if it would help to ease your pain

They will lift your spirits for a time if you let them
They will help you to bear this burden
They will offer an ear to listen to you
They will extend their arms if you are in need of a hug

Quiet times spent with friends sometimes help to heal
Feeling the presence of a friend nearby helps to ease the pain for a time
They hear the emptiness of your heart in your spoken words
There is a resounding echo from your soul that can be heard
They would take on your sorrow and pain if they could

No matter what happens, you can’t give up
You can’t hide in a dark room from the world
You can hide inside, but don’t stop living
Don’t stop daring to love when people enter your life who deserve that love

Remember to continue putting one foot in front of the other
Take one day at a time
Along with the evil of life, it sure can bring such amounts of joy as well
They can raise you in wings of love and let you soar through the clouds
They make you feel like your feet never touch the ground
They take all of the weight of everyday burdens away
They make you forget the evil of this world for awhile
They bring a smile to you face that doesn’t easily fade away

Don’t forgot those times, feeling, experiences
They shape, mold, and make you into the person you are
You can then turn and help those around you going through the same thing
You can show them compassion
You can encourage them to keep going
Challenge them as I am challenging you to live

Note: This is my personal and original poetry.


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