The sands of time will pass away
The mountains of the earth will crumble
The oceans will run dry
The creatures of this world will be no more
Humans will transform to become what we were always meant to be
This earth will fade away, making way for a better one
Don’t trouble your mind
Don’t speculate the details
Don’t wonder about the future
Just close your eyes
Let your thoughts run to a time and place that you wanted to last forever
A time when all were happy
A place where peace reigned
People who loved you
An event that echoes throughout your life
Don’t relive the past
Instead use those same eyes to look at the future
Not as rose colored glasses
But as a child who knows not the infirmities of life
Assume happiness and it will be
Think love and you will be embraced
Speak joy and you will laugh out loud
This life is just a second
It doesn’t compare to the future
Don’t dwell on the discomforts of the present
Live in the knowledge of the best future possible
Let go
Reach Out
Never say never

Note: This is my own personal and original poetry.


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