What is love?
Is it a feeling?
Or is it much more?
What causes people to love?
Is it something inside us?
In our souls?
Or is it much closer to the surface?
Is it just something to pass the time with?
Or does it mean much more?
Are people just play things?
Or should they be treated with respect?
Does everyone’s feelings matter?
Or just yours?
When it comes to love, everyone involved is important
Love is more than an emotion
It goes beyond all feelings
It is a bond between two people
But it is no ordinary bond like friendship
It is a very special bond
It begins to unite the hearts of two people
It brings one closer to the other
This closeness starts to knit their hearts and souls together
This is no normal event
It can turn your life in-side out
It can make you complete
And bring fulfillment and happiness to your life
It turns your world up-side down
And leaves you puzzled
Because trying to figure out what love is and why it changes you the way it does can drive you insane
For pure emotion and feeling goes beyond all logic
It cannot be defined according to regular means
You have to look past all logic
For the only way to define love and the impact that is has on your life
Is to follow the logic of the heart
And to listen closely to the soul’s haunting song of joy and happiness

Note: This is my own personal and original poetry.


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