What is Love?

What is it about this emotion that drives us to find it?
People spend years searching far and wide for it
In the faces of those around them
Or in the eyes of one single individual
Why are we so entranced by its power over us?
It guides our decisions in life
We make sure that we leave enough room for it in the years to come

Is this a flaw in its design?
Or was it created to effect us this way?
Is this emotion pattered after the human heart to confuse it
To muddle our thoughts and cloud our minds?
Was this made on purpose to destroy our lives?
Or was it made to enhance our lives?
Is its purpose to bring emptiness and sorrow to reign in our hearts?
Or is it meant to bring fulfillment and joy to reign in our hearts?

How does it work?
And who is its creator?
Is love to be our slave?
Or our best friend throughout life?
Why do people spend their entire life searching after it?
What makes it so special and impossible to live without?
Philosophers and wise men have debated this topic for years
Never finding an answer that satisfies them
Their logic fails them every time when they try to explain love

What makes it so elusive?
Why does it seem to go into hiding until the right time comes?
Is this done on purpose?
Or is there a schedule that it follows without fail?
Why can we not shut our heart down?
Or tuck it safely away until the time feels right to set it free?
Why can we not shut down our emotions?

Surely there are other things in life that can use our full attention and devotion?
So why is it so impossible for us to deviate our passion for love into something more productive?
Why is this such a mystery?
What makes it so mysterious that logic cannot explain it?
Why can the heart not follow orders like the mind does?
Why is it such a rebel, a traitor?
Yes, a traitor, for it betrays our feelings to those who may not share our feelings toward them
It makes us vulnerable and as helpless as a child

Does it have a mind that hates us?
Where does its hate come from?
How have we wronged it?
What have we done?
Is there a way to make it right once again?
So many questions fill our mind
But too few answers are we able to find
Is the quest to find these answers to be taken by individuals
Or is to be taken by society as a whole?
Do we find wisdom in the lives of those around us?
Do we learn from their mistakes?
If we did, would we be better off?
Or do the answers lie in the souls of all?

Creatively hidden in the depths of our heart
Where most dread to wander for fear of finding themselves
And few love to explore for wonder of finding themselves
Regardless of which of these we are
How can we explain why this emotion moves us as strongly as hate does?
How can we explain in words of understanding how love calls up our entire being when it stares us in the face?
How can one emotion take total control of us and make us do things we Would never normally do?
What power does it possess?
What is the source of this power?
Are we?

Simple human beings who fight everyday to live and survive?
How can we generate this much power inside us?
Where does it come from?
Can our souls possibly contain this much force and passion?
And how is it harnessed in just the right way for the perfect effect?
The human soul is just as illusive as this emotion called love
For answers to this are not what most people think
It is unique for every individual
As each falling snowflake is unique
It cannot be measured or give a price
For the soul is the very essence of life

Life as love is not easily explained
Too many interpretations and definitions exist
To define it without a doubt is an impossible feat
For who can say that their definition is the same for all people all over this world?
No one can because even two neighbors do not see life the same as the other
Just as they would not define love the same as the other
Love is subjective and lovely at best
For who can define a feeling like this?

Love is a great mystery for all times and ages past
And many have been explorers almost adventurers at best
But all have failed at finding the answers
Those answers that lie in the depths of our soul
For I believe most fiercely within my heart of hearts
Whomever can explain love can then explain life

Note: This is my own personal and original poetry.


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