What a simple word trust seems to be
It’s only five letters that are put together
So benign and innocent in appearance and pronunciation
Those letters don’t appear dangerous
If anything, it feels like an easy, comforting word
How so far from the truth that is…

This word can rip your heart to shreds
Wrappings its fingers around your heart with deceit, it can destroy you from the inside out
When we hurt, we keep it close and often do not share our fears
We suffer in silence and hope things will change sometime soon
Our fear closes our mouth and fills our head with uncertainty
Hearts are overcome with doubts kicking love out the door
Love cannot survive when the weeds of questions and doubts take over and choke it

This word can also set you free
It can unrestrain and unleash your spirit from a self imposed hell of isolation and lonliness
Through its gentle warmth and tender caress, it can slowly bring you back to life
The breath of love that washes over you brings with it a healing power
People greatly underestimate the power and benefits of inviting trust in your life

While you don’t usually control the end results, you do control your choice to offer or guard your heart
It would be wonderful to never experience hurt ot betrayal
That would mean that we would live in a fantasy world
For gut wrenching hurt and excruciating agony is something that we all will feel at one time or another

There are some who show us the love and encouragement that we long for
It is those that we need to open up to
Trust was designed just for them
They transform us into who we always were but didn’t have the strength to show

It’s hard to open up
We fear the pain and the worst possible outcome
A defensive mechanism that keeps us safe from a world full of hate and pain
Dare to open your arms and your heart to those who touch you as differnt and set apart
Allow your walls to crack and crumble under the hope, life, and warmth that they can bring to you
Just stand still and soak in the hope, sunshine, and love that exudes from them

Be vulnerable
Feel your world turn upside down

To those who read this and think that it just won’t work for them, I have this to say to you:

You are worth the risk
You are worth the vulnerability
You are worth more then any treasure on this Earth
You are priceless and cherished beyond our human understanding
You are beautiful and the risk of trust is worth the love that you will find

Please give trust a fair shot
Don’t let a phenomenal future go to waste
Fing the courage to bare your already bruised heart
Allow it another chance to find what it deeply craves


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