Stories feed the soul

Rejuvenate the heart
Engage the mind
Alter our vision
Tilt our world
They change everything
When we close our eyes, we see them, feel them, and hear them calling to us
They are a part of who we are
Ingrained in our very soul
Overtaking us in ways we never dreamed possible
Words are one of the most powerful and misused weapons of all time
They cut deeper then any knife
Destroy you more then any explosion
Poison your bloodstream faster
Influence your mind more then any form of control
Once something touches your heart, it has great power over you
The heart influences every part of your life
It guides and whispers encouragement
Without the heart, you aren’t truly living
That’s why we need to guard it above all else
Feed it with stories of love and hope
Allow it to be nurtured and cherished
Look to build it up
Don’t lose sight of what makes worth living

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